It was a year ago this month that the novel and disruptive Coronavirus detonated and caused a massive disruption to our lives. The impact was severely felt in the realm of education – as schools were forced to immediately transition to remote learning and reinvent the educational paradigm. The pandemic lingered many weeks and then months beyond what anyone had imagined or planned for. We are just now beginning to grasp the impact the pandemic has had upon our children. Not just their education, but also their social-emotional well-being and health. Student depression and suicides have increased while even the most successful students have felt the deleterious effects of a year of school like none other.
While some schools, like Palm Valley School in Rancho Mirage, have been open for in-person instruction since the fall, there still remains the possibility of significant loss in comprehension, understanding, and social-emotional balance. Schools and school district responses have been varied including the thought of mandatory summer school, increased school days next year, or lengthening of the school day.
El Paseo Children’s Center (EPCC) specializes in conducting private, independent, and school-based educational evaluations and impactful learning services for students. They serve as a critical resource to schools and families in the Coachella Valley- which are even more important in a post-pandemic educational landscape.
To better serve students and families in the Coachella Valley, Palm Valley School and El Paseo Children’s Center have partnered to offer “The Learning Center at Palm Valley School”. This Learning Center, opening at Palm Valley School in mid-August of 2021 will be a one-stop shop for students and families to receive educational testing services and support.
Please contact Abby Sturgeon, Director of Admissions and Advancement at Palm Valley School at 760.328.0861 or Brent Cooper, Owner of El Paseo Children’s Center at 760.342.4900.