Prolific queer filmmaker Nicole Conn (A Perfect Ending, Elena Undone, More Beautiful For Having Been Broken), through her Nicole Conn Films Global, presents Coming Out for Love (“COFL”), the new, 16-episode dating competition originally scheduled to launch in February of 2023. On May 5, 2023, exclusively at, the first episode and full season teaser became available free of charge with new episodes released weekly by subscription.

Conn tapped LGBTQ+ icon and activist Jessica Clark to host and co-produce the dating series. An actress in such films as True BloodSeason of LoveALIEN: Harvest, and A Perfect Ending, she is also known as co- owner of High Art Tattoo. “Jessica is made for this,” says Conn, “She’s our Padma Lakshmi and Cat Deeley all rolled into one. Her imprint is so strong on this series, we immediately made her a producer.”

COFL showcases sixteen queer women living together under one roof and participating in emotional and physical challenges to win weekly keys that unlock the heart of Season One’s Single, influencer and activist Amber Whittington.

The series prides itself on authentic representation of the queer community and does not shy away from, or edit out, hot button topics or highly volatile scenes, including sensitive racial conversations, racy sexual encounters, and not so “pc” moments. The format, competitions, and relationship interactions will appeal to all audiences, queer or straight. Queer visibility and representation are important for LGBTQ+ individuals to feel validated and helps challenge the toxic misconceptions and offensive stereotypes about the queer community.

Season One Single Amber Whittington is a multi-nominee for LGBT Influencer of the Year awards and was featured in Rolling Stone Magazine as a “creator to watch” in May 2022. Whittington’s YouTube channel and her “Amber’s Closet” platform have been beacons of hope for many young queer women coming out. She boasts over 1.9M followers.

Showrunner Nicole Conn continues, “Amber is the absolute strongest first lead we could have ever imagined and everyone in America will fall in love with her.”

Conn is thrilled to finally have this series come to fruition, sharing, “We decided to risk the repercussions of delaying the premiere to guarantee we could give the audience the very best experience possible! I’ve been labeled a pioneer and am proud to have the first female-loving-female reality dating competition show make Herstory in 2023. My daughter Gabrielle and I have watched The Bachelor together faithfully for years and I always wished there were a show that represented the love her two mothers shared. For over 15 years I tried to get this show made. Finally, we have a project we’re damn proud of in its representation of a very diverse, multi-talented group of young queer women. THIS is the future of reality dating shows.”

Co-Executive Producer Brandon Amelotte says, “Coming Out For Love gives the enormous fan base of dating competition shows another fun and engaging option. These are real women opening themselves up as they explore their issues, emotions, and sexuality. Come along for this remarkable journey, you won’t be disappointed.”

The 16-episode series, from Nicole Conn Films Global in partnership with Just Jo Productions and Pelican Films, was filmed entirely on location at the Palm Palace in Palm Springs, CA and features a veritable Who’s Who of queer celebrities as judges and guests, including Sedona Prince (Oregon Ducks basketball star), Stoney Michelli Love (CEO and founder of Stuzo Clothing), Caroline Rose Giuliani (filmmaker, political activist, writer), Whitney Mixter (Showtime’s The Real L Word), Jill Osur (gender, racial and social activist, CEO Teneral Cellars wines), fashion designer Nik Kacy (founder of Equality Fashion Week ), Franco Stevens (Curve) and her wife, Jen Rainin (Ahead of the Curve), Tisha Floratos-Silano with Olivia Travel, singer/songwriter Tanerélle, and country music singer, Brooke Eden.

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