Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center (A+D Center) is proud to launch its Summer Lab (S/LAB), an annual program aimed at engaging the community in important issues related to architecture and design. This summer’s S/LAB experience looks at the design process and concepts for the the new park planned for downtown Palm Springs and at the City’s treasure trove of midcentury architecture as seen through the eyes of middle school students from St. Theresa School. 
From July 6th through August 6th, visitors to the A+D Center will have the opportunity to learn about all the elements involved in planning and designing a park, from where the designers got their inspiration to various ways the 2-acre parcel of land might be used. An interactive exercise will allow guests to plot out the two-acre park, choosing which elements they think are most important such as areas for meditation, sculptures, open space, gardens, and events. In addition, a comment book will be available for visitors to share their input. Visitors also will have the opportunity to review the initial design concepts and inspiration boards for the park, read public comments made during the City’s recent online survey, and share their own ideas, thoughts, and comments.
Throughout the month, the A+D Center will work closely with Rios Clementi Hale Studios, the designers for the new park, and with City officials to showcase sketches, materials, and the variety of tools used in the process of planning a park.  
Brooke Hodge, the museum’s Director of Architecture and Design, who initiated the concept, plans on making S/LAB an annual summer experience.
“It’s part of our mission at the Architecture and Design Center to be a catalyst and engage and inspire the community and the city with regard to architecture, design, and preservation,” said Hodge. “The downtown park is one of the most important projects on the boards right now in Palm Springs and it is a perfect opportunity for people to understand the design process from concept to creation. We hope that S/LAB will become a forum for people to come together and discuss architecture and design issues that are topical and timely.”   
Concurrently, the A+D Center, in partnership with Palm Springs Modern Committee, will present student work from St. Theresa School’s Structures program, an in-class curriculum on the topic of modernism. On view will be a selection of sixth-grade architectural models of some of Palm Springs’ finest examples of midcentury modern architecture, seventh-grade paintings with an international architecture theme, and eighth-grade presentations about historic preservation and the community. The presentation of the students’ work is dedicated to the memory of Jarrod Dougherty, a St. Theresa student who passed away in May.