“A new media campaign promoting DAP Health’s free, at-home HIV test is receiving a boost from the well-known adult entertainer Trenton Ducati, whose given name is Zach Ivey. Three other popular adult actors—Boomer Banks, Reign, and Masyn Thorne—appear alongside Ivey in videos that were launched in February on DAP Health’s website, as well as gay dating apps and social media channels such as TikTok and Snapchat. Almost immediately after the videos were released, influencers shared them with over one million of their followers and DAP Health experienced a significant increase in requests for the tests.

The videos were directed by Bob Koherr, who has directed episodes of The Conners, Anger Management, Raven’s Home, and Dads, among many other television programs, and were shot at Snap Studios, a Palm Springs production facility owned by Ivey. “We wanted to shoot a variety of ideas to kind of tell the story,” says Ivey. Those scenarios include a guy who checks his test results before having sex; another where someone gets a text message from a hookup but isn’t concerned about his own status because he’s done an at-home test; and a third one featuring Ducati getting ready for a date and going through the steps of his normal routine such as taking a shower, doing his hair, etc., and also checking his at-home test result before heading out the door…”

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