“Painter Fulton Leroy Washington, better known as Mr. Wash, has a goal for his residency at the Palm Springs Art Museum: go big.

Wrongly convicted and incarcerated in 1996 for nonviolent drug offenses, Mr. Wash honed his skills as a portraitist painting his fellow inmates. He became a working artist after then-president Barack Obama commuted his sentence in 2016. “For decades, I could only paint pictures that would fit inside my locker,” Mr. Wash recalls. “Now I’m doing 48 by 60 [foot canvases]. I’m trying … to find the same details at a larger scale.”

Mr. Wash’s experiments in scale align with the Outburst Residency Program’s mission to allow artists space to explore new forms and bodies of work. Mr. Wash shares the pieces created during his month-long stay at the museum in an exhibition on view from March 31 to July 3…”

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