With Mark Ruffalo sightings in Palm Springs, and the Super Hero theme of the upcoming “Meet the Museum” party (White Party weekend), we thought it appropriate to feature Mr. Ruffalo in our #MancrushMonday #MCM segment!  By the way, Mr. Ruffalo is NOT attending the museum party that we know of.

True Story

With his built-in SkyCam (his arm), it was easy for Nicholas Snow to capture, himself, Mark Ruffalo, and most of the Revivals store on Saturday, March 26th, 2016.

Even Mark Ruffalo couldn't resist Revivals Stores big sale, Saturday, March 26th.  I was shopping toward the rear of the store when a friendly man in a baseball cap said hello as he passed by.  I took a beat and realized it was none other than Mark Ruffalo.

I thought for a moment, and then introduced myself to him, explaining that I am a volunteer with Desert AIDS Project, the beneficiary of the store, and that everyone would be extremely grateful if he would appear in a photo in the store.  He realized he was scruffy and expressed he wasn't sure he was camera ready.  I said he would be welcome to leave his hat on.

He was very happy to know the beneficiary is Desert AIDS Project and wanted to make sure we showed off the store in the photo.  By the way, I also promised I wouldn't share the photo on social networks until later in the day so he wouldn't be deluged with fans.

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