As his team takes on final preparations for Friday's big Center Stage Gala, we decided to grab this photo from Mike's Facebook page, taken in Palm Springs last year.

Mike Thompson joined the staff as Chief Executive Officer in June 2014 with more than 18 years of nonprofit leadership experience. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma in Business Administration, he previously served as the COO and Acting President of GLAAD and the Executive Director of Equality Utah.  In addition, Thompson worked with the Gill Foundation and Gill Action to form One Colorado and has worked extensively as a leadership and organizational development consultant. Mike continues to work with CenterLink, the network of LGBT community centers across the nation, to develop a mission-focused governance curriculum for boards of directors. Mike also wrote and published the inspirational “Lessons from Gordo the Dog”. Mike, Gordo and Boo Boo the Cat live in Palm Springs. 

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