Meet the @GaysOfCoachella Ambassadors, @ericcommando & @blakeedwardfrahm.  They were on hand for Weekend 1.  Visit the official Gays of Coachella Facebook page (linked below) to discover what's up for Weekend 2!

They've got a private group on Facebook and a new but colorful Instagram account.  They're the “Gays of Coachella.”  They explain, “Gays of Coachella is the perfect place to connect with other LGBTQ Coachella Festival Goers. Check our feed and get the latest in Coachella trends and news. Get announcements on upcoming events, meet-ups, and pre-parties.”  They stress, “This group is NOT exclusive to Coachella only, we celebrate ALL music festivals :-).  Find them on Instagram and join their private Facebook group. #GaysofCoachella.