This week, in excited anticipation of one day returning to a vibrant nightlife in Palm Springs’ Arenas District, our Man Crush is David Gonsalez. David has danced at Hunters, Toucans, Chill Bar, and others. If you are an Arenas regular, you already know him and are familiar with his work. New folks in town will see David working for Chill Bar Palm Springs. He is the host with most and now he is Gay Desert Guide’s Man Crush!

GDG’s Jeff Denean Jones interviewed our Man Crush this week. He’s what he had to say:
GDG: Did you grow up in Southern California?
DAVID: yes, I grew up in Fontana, CA.
GDG: What city did you do your “coming out” in?
DAVID: I came out in Moreno Valley. I moved to palm springs to live my gay life style.
GDG: Was coming out a slow process involving years of learning to accept yourself (or to get acceptance from others)? Or was it like this… one day you’re engaged to be married to the woman who was your childhood sweetheart, but the next day you’re dancing in a pride day parade float in WeHo with a hundred men singing Gaga songs?
DAVID:I knew I was gay after my first ever girlfriend. Took me a min to accept it but once I did I came out in a big way. I started go-go dancing at Toucans Tiki Lounge and made my way around Palm Springs’ gay district and I’ve been the happiest since.
GDG: When did Palm Springs enter the picture?
DAVID: at age 19 I moved to Palm Springs.
GDG: Since COVID, one of the things we really have yet to see return is GoGo dancing – and pretty much all of nightlife’s dancing. Do you miss the excitement and energy dancing at Toucans, Chill, and Hunters?
DAVID: of course I miss the dancing life and all the naked boys. It was part of making everyone comfortable and fun but I’m just happy I got to experience it before it was gone.
GDG: I know you love new music. Who and what are you listening to now that makes you want to dance?
DAVID: whoever knows me knows that Dua lipa is my all time favorite. Anytime I hear her music I just get filled with excitement and sing every lyric.
Well, there you have it. Our exclusive with today’s Man Crush, David Gonsalez. Thank you, David! You can follow David and check out his social musings in video and photo form on Instagram @daveed27
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