This week, Gay Desert Guide’s Man Crush Monday is OutAt.TV’s co-founder, streaming video producer, Charlie Rosenberg.

Gay Desert Guide’s (GDG) Jeff Denean Jones interviewed Charlie for today’s spotlight. Here’s what he had to say:
GDG: You recently relocated to the Coachella Valley from San Diego. What brought you to the desert and how has been going so far?
CHARLIE: I was actually born here, and my Father lived in Bermuda Dunes for 35 years. I relocated here full-time after he passed away in 2018. I remember everything from my childhood, so in my mind I never left.
GDG: What are you missing about San Diego?
CHARLIE: Blacks Beach (The nude beach), but that’s all. After 8 years there, it never felt like home.
GDG: Tell us about OutAt.TV? What are your plans with the platform?
CHARLIE: We had a mobile app for events in the San Diego area for nearly 10 years, but when COVID shut down events, OutAt.TV was started using technology morphed from a video chat idea, which lead to a full streaming television station for the LGBTQ+ Community, allowing independent content creators and musicians to share their work. I have a green room studio in Bermuda Dunes, and plan to have content creators use it for filming and studio needs. We are always looking for new content to show on our channel!
GDG: What are some of your programming that is getting a lot of viewers?
CHARLIE: We have a bit of everything! Who Invited Her? Podcast and their other show, Filmspringa are always popular! Alexander Rodriguez has a few shows on the network such as Sassy Movie News, and On The Rocks Radio Show. For those interested in True Crime, we have “Murder’s a Drag” with Aura Van Dank! She tells stories with a perspective focusing on the victim, and the injustices in the legal system.
GDG: Summer Is almost here. What are your plans for summer?
CHARLIE: Well, going out in public once fully vaccinated! So many plans! My partner, Liam, and I plan to visit Washington State for the fourth of July, the east coast in New England for his birthday in August, and finally with PRIDE in Birmingham, England! My yearly trip!!
GDG: Thank you so much, Charlie! And, welcome back to the Desert!
OutAt.TV is a media partner of Gay Desert Guide and streams new episodes of the I Love Gay Palm Springs podcast each Friday at 10am, as well as showcases previous episodes available on-demand. You can can watch via the OutAt.TV app available for your mobile device, AppleTV, Roku TV, and Amazon FireTV.
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