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Our new Director of Lifestyle and Leisure, Mark Salyer, has been creating innovative award-winning programs for over 20 years.

He founded and directs NewStages, a ground-breaking performing arts program featuring LGBTQ+ seniors. NewStages has reached tens of thousands in our community with classes, workshops, intergenerational projects and an annual Pride production.

Mark has produced dynamic programs for senior living communities across Los Angeles, most recently for Belmont Village in Westwood, where he created over 300 events per month.

Mark’s programming will include college level classes, lectures from leaders in the arts, culture, and politics, music, dance, and theatrical performances, engaging film series, visual artists in a variety of mediums and a robust menu of physical fitness and wellness opportunities every day.

“My programs are designed to stimulate, to get people thinking, to color and shape each day with new, surprising and wildly entertaining experiences, and, mast importantly, to build a fun and vibrant community.

Mark Salyer

Mark Salyer, Director of Lifestyle and Leisure

Mark Kleev

Mark lives in Palm Springs and in Los Angeles with his husband of 31 years