In the vein of cult favorite TV show Mystery Science Theatre 3000 and Rifftrax, get ready for a series of live bad movie bashing at the Palm Springs Cultural Center hosted by riffing team Bad News From Outer Space! The series kicks off Thursday, July 28th at 8pm with a live roast of the Palm Springs B-movie classic EEGAH (1962). Filmed locally in Palm Springs, Coachella, and La Quinta, a caveman out of time runs amuck across the Coachella Valley in pursuit of forbidden love! Palm Springs’ mid-century modern Ocotillo Lodge is featured in the movie in all its nostalgic 60s beauty.

Riffing team Bad News from Outer Space includes crazed cinephiles and “Bond vs. Godzilla” podcast hosts Cruz Moore, Jacob Roberts, and Charles Slemmons. Our presenting sponsor is Four Twenty Bank Dispensary and Lounge. “For those with a passion for B-movies and live comedy, Bad News From Outer Space brings you the worst of both worlds!” said host Cruz Moore. “My friends and I have been huge Mystery Science Theater fans for years and we wanted to create a summer program for the Cultural Center that would blend cinema with stand up. These are movies that you’d find at the bottom of a forgotten bargain bin, and it’s our job to make them more tolerable for our very brave audience.”

A full bar will be available before each show along with complimentary bite-size ‘Bundtini’ bundt cakes courtesy of program sponsor Nothing Bundt Cakes.

Tickets to EEGAH: Riffed Live! are $5 and are available now:


July 28: EEGAH (1962) The Palm Springs B-movie classic Eegah, filmed locally in Palm Springs, Coachella, and La Quinta. A caveman out of time runs amuck across the Coachella Valley in pursuit of forbidden love!

August 25: THE BEES (1978) In honor of National Bee Month we present The Bees! A giant creature feature of miniscule proportions that sees the late great John Saxon fighting against a deadly swarm of killer bees that have invaded the United States all in the name of honey and vengeance!

September 29: NIGHTBEAST (1982) From low budget horror savant, Don Dohler, comes Nightbeast! A pissed off alien in a disco suit crash lands on Earth and goes on a killing spree in a quaint little town in Maryland. With music composed by… J.J. Abrams?!