Not content with celebrating 50 years last year since starting the Pride movement on European soil in 1972, Pride’s astonishing UK pioneers are still taking the Pride message out across the world. On 24th September 2023 US audiences get their first look at new British documentary from Peccadillo Pictures Legendary Children [All of Them Queer], an Official Selection at the 16th Cinema Diverse LGBT+ Film Festival in Palm Springs, California, making its North American debut on the spectacular big screen of the historic Camelot Theaters main house.

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If the US Stonewall Riots were the motherlode of the Pride movement, its emergence in Europe showed a unique symbiosis with what was happening in the USA. Worldwide human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell, (Hating Peter Tatchell – Netflix) is one of the fllm’s headline cast and comments, “Britain had a similar cultural heritage to the US, compared to other European countries. Our LGBT+ movements had a shared language, more common ground and a similar political trajectory. I hope the film will show that social change is possible and inspire other people to become activists. It’s about then and now. I always say, even if you can’t do anything else, just amplify what’s happening to LGBT+ people in other countries around the world.”

The film closely follows historically highly significant key Pride pioneers like Peter, US-born rights campaigner Ted Brown, Angela Mason CBE OBE, Stuart Feather, Andrew Lumsden, Nettie Pollard, Julian Hows, Roz Kaveney, John Lloyd and more through the UK Pride 50 events over the summer of 2022. Special guests Neil Bartlett OBE (Orlando, London West End “Playful and ultimately moving…” New York Times), world-famous rock star Tom Robinson, It’s A Sin actor Nathaniel J Hall, and fabulously Epicene pop star and actor Lanah Pillay (Pistol In My Pocket 2018 Vince Clarke Erasure Remix, Eat The Rich) bring unique perspectives on Pride’s role today in tackling issues of extreme contemporary human rights concern. 

Special US interest comes with a stunning appearance by the late Harvey Milk’s nephew and prominent US political and rights activist Stuart Milk lighting up Hyde Park’s famous Speaker’s Corner with a scorching speech against Trump and the (international) Right’s recent erosions of LGBT+ rights. The daring of the original pioneers in the USA and in London would be repeated all over the world – a frontline for change that will not be silenced 50 years on. Funny, irreverent and as fearless of oppressive authority as ever, the Legendary Children of ’72 are never what you may be expecting…

Music adds another unexpected layer to the movie. Titled after Holly Johnson’s iconic LGTB+ anthem, a decision made with Holly’s personal support, it could not have been complete without rock legend Tom Robinson’s world-famous LGBT+ anthem Glad To Be Gay. Lanah P unleashes a unique new dance track created for the film, Get Lesbianated, the official release club remix produced by superstar DJ Wayne G and the OST version with SRJ. The record features Tom Robinson, Peter Tatchell and even Stuart Milk as you will never quite have heard them before… Lanah says, “Gay Lib didn’t start with Kylie. Legendary Children will educate, disturb and illuminate you, and there’s where its enormous value lies. This splendid film says to this generation, that you cannot be cool unless you show deference toward tradition, and all those that fought and took most of the pain.”