Kim Kieler (pictured above, left) writes, “I grew up in a log house on a ranch in the interior British Columbia. For my first 10 years, there was no TV and no power, just books and the hiss of Coleman lanterns in the long winter evenings. My schoolhouse was two rooms, grades 1 to 3 in one room and 4 to 6 in the second room. A path was carved in the snow to the outhouse. Eventually power and indoor plumbing came to our community and the Ed Sullivan show and Bonanza entered my world.”

She has an extraordinary story, explaining…

“After high school I headed to university in Vancouver to become the next Jacqueline Cousteau. 4 years later, graduation found me with no prospects of researching turtles on the Great Barrier Reef, just a possibility of counting moose in the Northwest Territories. Determined to stay warm, I worked at an assortment of jobs, saved money and spent a year backpacking around the world.

The cruelty of the world breaks my heart, the beauty of the world breaks my heart.

Back in Vancouver, I retrained in computer systems just before dawn of the mouse, the monitor and the internet. For the next 20 years I implemented mice, monitors, networks and email surrounded by a sea of resistance profanity. Downtime found me sailing or travelling. Burnt out I retired at 45. At 50 my 20 year relationship with my partner ends. In 2006 I am trekking in Peru at 16,000 when my lungs begin to fill with liquid. The horse to take me out collapsed once past the summit.

There was a 3 day walkout, but each step lower helped. I remember it as one of the happiest and most peaceful times of my life as those around me cared for me. I had them, a warm sleeping bag to crawl into and food. I had everything I need and it is enough.  A feeling of doors sliding and a sense a different life waiting for me surrounded me.

2 months later I meet Dorien in Arizona who would become my wife. For 7 years we spent 6 months in Canada and 6 months in the USA.

After DOMA is repealed, I become a permanent resident and started working at The Center where I was volunteering.”

Kim says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. You are the first place I have lived where I wasn't always wanting to be someplace else.
  2. You feel like home in a way that no other place has felt like home.
  3. You are full of people who live by the code, “If I could help someone why wouldn't I?”
  4. You are a small town with big city entertainment and food.
  5. can swim 6 months of the year and hike 6 months of the year.

Wow, Kim.  You are so inspiring!  Thanks for all of your service to the community, and for taking the time, as seems to always be the case with you, share a bit of your heart and soul with us.  Palm Springs definitely loves you too!


Nicholas Snow


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