Co-Chairs Kenny Jervis (above right), Michael Crisp (above left) & Kerry Hendrix, their entire host committee, and countless others are hard at work in the homestretch to this year's 1950's-themed Mid-Summer Dance Party (July 25th, 2015, 8:00 p.m.) benefiting Desert AIDS Project, so I thought it would be fitting to seek out the trio and find out why the love Palm Springs.  I previously interviewed Kerry; this week we get the 4-1-1 from Kenny; and Michael is on deck for next week!

In this photo from the 2014 Mid-Summer Dance Party, Kenny is front and almost center in the red t-shirt, and his partner Michael is to his left.

Kenny was born in Los Angeles into a family firmly ensconced in the real estate business, and he has worked in the family business for over three decades.  He is now focusing his real estate expertise for the benefit of friends and other clients (who ultimately also become his friends) in the Greater Palm Springs area.  Kenny is also passionate about investing, not only his finances, but his heart and soul into the communities and causes he loves. 

He and his partner Michael Crisp also own and operate the much celebrated SHARE Nightclub in Las Vegas where, in addition to Palm Springs, they love entertaining their international group of friends.

Kenny, who has been coming out (no pun intended) to Palm Springs since he was a teenager, was fortunate to meet and become friends with Steve Chase and many of the Palm Springs “fun crowd” of that era, this opening his eyes, as he explains, “to a world bigger than I could have ever known,” inspiring him to join the fight against HIV/AIDS and helping to forge him into the man he is today.

Kenny and Michael in a photo ripped from Michael's Facebook page.   

Kenny says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. First and foremost, because of your village of people (not to be confused with THE Village People, although he probably loves them too).  Though you're a big town, we all truly do care about one another and we take care of one another.
  2. …you're the fountain of youth!  Someone much older and wiser than me once told me, “Every day we all spend in Palm Springs adds one more week to the end of our lives.”  I have no doubt because Palm Springs is such a calm place to live.
  3. …you make me smile and bring me joy to my heart.  What else could result from waking up to sunshine and blue skies 99% of the year!
  4. …you're good for my soul!  Serenity and peace sweep over me every time I pull of Interstate 10 on to Highway 111 becasue I'm almost home. 
  5. …you're a global sensation.  I love that, as we travel the world, people are constantly telling us, “I aspire to have a house in Palm Springs, California, one day!”

And perhaps Kenny will sell it to them!  I'm sure he hands out his card on those holidays.  He concludes, “Michael an I have a passion for travel and have many places on the 'bucket list' yet to explore.”

Yet, there's no place like home, and Palm Springs is all the better for it!  Kenny, thanks for all you do!  I will see you on the dance floor July 25th!


Nicholas Snow

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