Ibis Group Institute, a virtual think-tank and center of excellence, composed of national industry leaders with corporate, academic, and strategic backgrounds (all volunteers), has been established to provide strategic, market-analytic, and technology-driven support to Democratic LGBTQ+ candidates aiming to win federal elections. Ibis offers its services without costs to candidates or to campaigns.

Working closely with Equality PAC, the political arm of the U.S. Congressional LGBTQ+ Caucus, Ibis Group Institute will offer qualified U.S. Congressional LGBTQ+ candidates strategic guidance. The Institute’s goal is to work with a small group of candidates during the 2024 election cycle, expanding capacity over time.

As traditional campaign methods are often insufficient for ensuring wins, Ibis aims to revolutionize campaigns by helping candidates create innovative approaches that turn non-voters into voters, and voters from red to blue. The accomplished team at Ibis draws from diverse sectors, brings expertise in technology, data analytics, market research, marketing, branding, communications, media relations, and other key disciplines.

Ibis Group Institute’s consultative services include providing guidance in:

  • Creating strategic platforms for campaign foundations
  • Leveraging artificial intelligence and algorithm technology for cost-effective campaign practices
  • Translating business and academic research into practical campaign insights and tactics
  • Implementing prioritization models to maximum efficiencies
  • Designing highly targeted branding, marketing, micro-marketing, database marketing, public relations, and fundraising strategies to improve voter engagement and election outcomes
  • Developing media mix analytics to optimize messaging across various channels
  • Developing advanced polling, research surveys, and data analyses, using innovative technologies and data integration to understand market dynamics and to maximize predictability of outcomes “We are delighted to offer LGBTQ+ candidates the strategic power of the business and academic worlds, often lacking in political campaigns,” says Rich Weissman, member of the Ibis Leadership Team. “Our goal is to guide candidates to victory in critical elections through a new campaign paradigm that is in keeping with today’s practices and technologies. We are currently identifying and vetting potential candidates for the 2024 cycle.” Ibis Leadership Team and Ibis Advisory Team bios can be found at www.ibisgroupinstitute.com.