Imagine living in an environment where rainbow flags are scarce and being LGBT is not even spoken aloud; where the nearest “safe space” is nearly 30 miles away; where you’re judged based on the color of your skin in addition to whether you’re perceived as gay or straight.

This is not just an image, it’s a reality… right here, in the Coachella Valley, there is a community where fear, isolation, and exclusion is heightened, now more than ever.

For those folks enduring those feelings, there is nothing more sacred than a place where one can be at peace, and feel valued and significant, for the entirety of their identity. And that's what we do at The Center. 

The LGBT Community Center of the Desert is asking you to help us live up to our name, and become the community center for our entire desert region. 

You can even double your impact today – a generous donor is matching all donations up to $20,000 in our efforts to bring community wherever it is needed to help lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people thrive, and live authentically in supportive and inclusive communities.

During this uncertain time, none of us can know what the next few years have in store for our community, but we do know that we can act now. We can create vibrant community here, now, and all around us, so that safe and supportive daily life is not an uneasy uncertainty, but instead, an assured reality. 

You can create this new reality, today, on Giving Tuesday. Give a gift today, and your donation will be matched dollar for dollar.

It’s easy for us to know what we’re against – fear, bias, hate. But today, you can take a stand FOR inclusivity, support, and love, with a gift to The Center. 

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