On Saturday, February 24th, The Palm Springs Animal Shelter and Modernism Week will host a self-paced home tour featuring Meiselman homes in Palm Springs. 

"Join us February 24th for an exclusive look inside seven beautiful mid century modern Meiselman built homes.  Built from 1958 to 1961, these properties are a mix of fully restored/renovated and original features.  This self-paced and self-driving tour, where you'll be able to tour the interior and exterior of these homes, provides critical funding for the animals in need at the Palm Springs Animal Shelter. Go buy your tickets now, while they last!" said Keith Zabel, Vice President, Programs.

The Meiselman Home Tour begins with attendees getting their map and informational materials at the Friends of the Palm Springs Animal Shelter modern designed building. Tickets are available at http://bit.ly/2nW04CW 
For more information, inquiries should be directed to Keith Zabel, Vice President, Programs at kzabel@psanimalshelter.org