Forget what you know about Sake.  Sushi restaurant Sake is "table sake".  It's bold, hot and difficult to drink.  You need beer to chase it.  

Our Sake is 180 degrees different.  Night and day. 

Goldilocks Zone @ Wabi Sabi Japan Living
Always light, but never too dry, too sweet, and never ever bold and ricey. 
#WabiSabiJapanLiving Sake aromatic notes: pear, melon, apple, citrus, anise, or floral notes like soft honeysuckle. 

Imagine if France came to the US with Table Wine and that's all we knew about wines.  This is what happened with Japanese Sake.  The older Japanese generation in the 1960's came to the US with bold hot Table Sake and it stuck.   

Sake is so much more than hot and bold.  It's crisp, light, complex, soft, semi-dry, semi-sweet.  The Sake you'll try at Wabi Sabi Japan Living is so much more.  Prices range on average from $10-$50 just like wine.  

Come by for a tasting or cup. 
Wabi Sabi Japan Living
258 N Palm Canyon Dr.
Across from the Hyatt hotel in the driveway next to Josef Saliba Salon and across from the Sandwich Spot and Canyon Copy.