There are no words to describe the 2017 Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend other than empowering, energizing and purely magical.
Proving to be unprecedented colossal success, the legendary Palm Springs’ signature event blazed an inspiring trail for us all to follow. 

Filled with exceptional moments, the Dinah 2017 was profoundly transforming. It showed us how crucial and necessary it is to live out loud in celebration of our unique and incredible lives.  And it brought that message up a few notches in a very meaningful and palpable way.

Starting with the entertainment program, The Dinah assembled this year one of its most eclectic and diverse line-ups.

From DJ Keala Kennelly who made history for female surfing winning the first women’s big wave contest at the Nelscott Big Wave Classic; Butterschotch (the first female beatbox world champion); singer, songwriter; rapper Tish Hyman who penned songs for Alicia Keys, Diddy, Kelly Rowland & Kanye West; rising Latin hip hop artist Lady Cultura; 90s club icons CeCe Peniston and Black Box; mystery pop act FHB;  DJ Kittens; Diddi J; VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Alum Margeaux Simms, as well as stand-up comics Erin Foley, Gina Yashere and Julie Goldman (Bravo’s “The People’s Couch” and the “Vanderpump Rules” …  this year’s Dinah delivered a mind-blowing slate of performers.

There is something immensely liberating about the Dinah that is extremely infectious and contagious and rises up from the crowd to the performers onstage. And perhaps no one felt it more this year than body positive rising artist Lizzo who took over the Dinah with her feel-good revolution. The young amazing talent delivered an electrifying hip hop music tour de force preaching self-love and positivity to a packed Dinah crowd. Sitting her greenroom afterwards she felt so energized she promised to return for Dinah 2018 and party with attendees.

Yes, The Dinah is known for its massive pool parties, some of the top female DJ tastemakers, extraordinary dancers, not to mention celebrity sightings and terrific concerts by international Top 10 Billboard hitmakers. Yet there’s so much more to the event than you can see.

The true magic to be found at the Dinah – the “ shore thing” – are the customers who voyage from all over the world to take over Palm Springs and impart a sense of belonging, complete normalcy and community.

Standing strong and tall as one of the longest running party & music festival for queer women in the world, The Dinah remarkably reminded us all this weekend the importance of connecting our community together and preserving queer spaces in a time where gentrification and politics stand to threaten safe, diverse and inclusive places for our LGBTQ community to come together.

Everyone came out of it profoundly moved, deeply touched, completely transformed and empowered. 

What Mariah Hanson (founder and producer of the Dinah) created with The Dinah is an amazing platform for us all to live one of the most bonding experience ever.The Dinah is not just about lesbians, it’s about WOMEN – an event celebrating the tapestry of women in all fields from all over the world and providing them a safe place to be who they truly are.

"Thank you so much to all who attended The Dinah 2017. You shared your good vibe with each other so generously and made this Dinah magical. All of us working behind the scenes to make sure you had the most wonderful Dinah imaginable were blown away by the energy this year,” says Mariah Hanson. "It was awesome to experience from you what felt like the highest level of joy, acceptance, diversity, celebration, kindness. You all, every single last one of you, lifted my heart, as evidenced by this moment captured when I was simply in awe before you, just before we ended the event. Thank you, thank you, thank you. “ 

As The Dinah 2017 came to a close, we all departed Palm Springs with profound nostalgia for a one-of-a-kind weekend that changed our lives forever, gifted our hearts with beautiful memories, and energized our spirit.

The Dinah 2018 is set to take place March 28 through April 2, 2018
Tickets go on sale in July, 2017.

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