Wind Down in Relaxed Elegance


Stylish Hotel Cocktail Bar in Palm Springs

At intimate Window Bar, seek a moment of calm in the fun chaos of your Palm Springs day. This modern yet timeless setting is the perfect place for laid-back meetings, pre-dinner drinks and satisfying nightcaps. With a penchant for cocktails that incorporate botanicals and clear spirits—think gin, vodka, tequila, cachaca, pisco, and rum—the expert bartenders serve up flawless drinks with just a touch of showmanship. Anchored by the sleek bar on one end and blending seamlessly into a living room, Window Bar creates a hangout that is inviting and downright sexy, like the home of a stylish, beloved friend.

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Downtown Palm Springs Cocktail Bar | Kimpton Rowan Hotel (

100 W. Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262