The iconic Trixie Motel resides in Palm Springs, California, in the equally iconic Old Las Palmas neighborhood, within walking distance from all of the city’s main attractions.

In February 2017, just months into dating, Brian Firkus, better known for his drag persona Trixie Mattel, and David Silver went to Palm Springs together for the first time. They discussed the idea of a Trixie-themed vacation rental. Time passed and the idea was still mentioned anytime they went back to PS. Then, on one trip, the play-on-words popped into David’s head: TRIXIE MOTEL. The two very casually started looking for properties, but years went by and it always seemed like a silly dream… Until 2020, when one day, Brian sent David a link and a simple text, “I found the motel!” It was already pink. It was in Palm Springs. It felt like fate.

The place needed a bit of a facelift, and so the two pitched The Scott Brothers, or as they are popularly known, The Property Brothers, the kings of renovation TV, on a first-of-its-kind renovation series highlighting the complete renovation of TRIXIE MOTEL. Two years later and Trixie Motel’s doors are opening, and the entire process to bring her to life can be seen on Discovery+!