Located in the Warm Sands Neighborhood in Palm Springs, California

Start your day with classic water-boiled bagels, coffee & espresso drinks. Plus breakfast and sandwiches.

This is how we make Townie Bagels. We Us old-school methods; the bagels are made with no-additives flours, mixed and shaped the night before. The next day they are boiled in malted water, seeded or left plain and baked upside down for the first few minutes, then flipped over and baked till golden brown. These methods make for a flavorful and round bagel. Don’t be fooled by bakers that just over-steam their ovens and call their steamed bread-bagels. Those steamed breads will never get the shiny, malted, chewy crust that only a boiled bagel will have.

We request all orders are made via phone or in person in the store. All phone voice mail & email orders placed are only confirmed when you receive a phone call back with confirmation from our staff.

All next-day pickup orders must be placed by 10 am the previous business day.

Please Note: We do close early when we sell out of bagels. We may stop taking phone orders on busy holiday(s) or if we have a line of people outside waiting to purchase at our store. This is only to be fair to people that made the drive and are waiting in line outside.

Have a Townie Day!