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David Cox Tech Talk America

If you own a Mac, iPhone, or iPad, you probably already know David A. Cox from his popular YouTube channel, Tech Talk America (760k Subscribers, 110M Views)

David recently moved to the dessert and works as a private “tech guy” with individuals, couples, and small businesses. 

He is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, so you never need to worry about feeling embarrassed if anything “personal” accidentally pops up on the screen. Like your doctor, he’s seen it all! 

David’s Top Tech Requests:

      1. Answer Your List of Mac/iPhone/iPad Questions
      2. Facilitate Purchase and/or transfer Data To New Mac
      3. Password Solutions
      4. Photo Library Organization
      5. Resolve iCloud Syncing Errors
      6. Improve Wifi Speeds
      7. Reduce Monthly Subscription Fees
      8. Video Editing Training
      9. Improve Business Workflows with Shortcuts
      10. Establish Digital Will for Photos, Passwords, and Documents

      Need to Schedule A House Call? 

      Please Call (760) 776-3965

      Want to Schedule A Remote Session (Zoom) 

      Book Online: 


      “David’s great. He knows most things about electronics of all kinds, and will save you time in the long run and from getting frustrated. He’s super helpful and your money is well spent for his time solving dilemmas. He’s a great teacher as well. I wouldn’t take the time to say this, if it wasn’t true.” Dr. Kevin Passer

      “The best hour I’ve spent on my MacBook Air, in quite a while! David’s easy going manner puts one at ease immediately. David provides great, useful information, that’s easy to understand and put into use. Whether you are looking for a general check-up of your devices and system or help with a more detailed examination of a particular problem you might be experiencing, David is an exceptional resource to utilize. Absolutely worth the time and expense. Excellent value! – Thanks David!” – Arthur Irving 

      “David Cox is a valuable resource for my small business. I try to do video editing for my organization and tend to get over my head quickly. All I have to do is pop on to David’s website and set up a therapy session. I get myself in a jam, and he jumps in and straightens things out and gets me headed in the right direction. He sends a video tape of the session, which is very helpful. I’m grateful for David’s hands-on help and mentoring.” – Julie Brown 

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