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It’s the start of a new chapter at the Old Ranch Inn.

Offering a modern take on the spirit of the old west, this 8-room boutique hotel is in the heart of the Historic Tennis Club neighborhood, within walking distance of Palm Springs’ best restaurants, shops, and clubs. When the hotel’s new owners, husbands Jason Ball and Troy Jones, first came to visit the Old Ranch Inn, they were instantly enchanted.

“It’s a very warm and charming property,” Jason says. “We felt at home immediately. Eight suites is not too big, and we thought it would be a great opportunity and a great starting place.”

While Troy has extensive experience in the hotel realm — his first job was as a front desk clerk at a Best Western, and he spent 30 years as a hospitality industry consultant – this is a whole new world for Jason, who recently retired as news director for KTLA. The last several months have been a “great adventure,” Jason says, as they transitioned to their new careers as hoteliers.

“Meeting the guests has been great, everybody’s happy to be here and in a good mood and they love to spend time at our pool,” Jason says. “They have such amazing things to say about the property and experience, and that’s really great.”

The Old Ranch Inn has a “good legacy,” Jason says, and while the pool and outdoor furniture has already been replaced and there are plans to paint, refresh the landscaping, and renovate rooms, the name of the hotel is staying the same and the decor will retain a nod to the west. “We’re very excited to have this base that we can start with and add to,” Jason says, and the changes will be “an evolution, not revolution.”

The property is inclusive — it’s LGBT-friendly and dogs are welcome — and because of its small size, guests can feel comfortable knowing that they don’t have to share elevators or tight spaces with others. Every day, Jason and Troy are taking steps to improve the property and visitor experience, finding ways to delight new and established guests alike.

“When guests come, we want this to be an intimate getaway for them to rest and restore and relax, party a little bit, and be in a good mood,” Jason says. “When they leave, we want them to say they had a great experience and are ready to come back.”

Palm Springs Hotel, Old Ranch Inn

Old Ranch Inn