Nickerson-Rossi Dance

The Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company is an internationally renowned contemporary dance company. Top modern dancers in the industry are hired to perform in company performances and may assistance Michael Nickerson-Rossi in educational programs.

Dancers that aspire to work at Nickerson-Rossi Dance are given the opportunity to train with the company through various college residencies, auditions and the NRD2 apprenticeship training program.

Art enthusiasts have an opportunity to witness the work of the professional company in performances or specialized programs.

The company engages, inspires, and ignites the senses by enriching the lives of artists and enthusiasts alike through quality dance programming, education, and outreach.

Michael Nickerson-Rossi’s choreography is said to be filled with complex intricacies that unravel through a beautifully orchestrated mixture of artistic movement and emotional freedom.

Palm Springs Dance Academy

Under the guidance of Artistic Director Michael Nickerson-Rossi, who has provided residency work and is adjunct professor at prestigious institutions such as NYU, Princeton Ballet ( American Repertory Ballet ), Johns Hopkins University-Peabody Conservatory BFA Dance and Drexel. The faculty at Palm Springs Dance Academy will nurture and stimulate intellectual, artistic and technical creativity.

The Palm Springs Dance Academy ( PSDA ), the official school of the Nickerson-Rossi Dance Company, was created for the gifted young dance artist in recognition of their need for highly specialized and rigorous training. The mission of the Academy is to prepare young talent for the intense competition they will meet in colleges, conservatories, and the professional dance world.

The Academy provides a comprehensive dance education for pre-professional dancers to train among industry leaders in a curriculum of in-depth studies that includes; concert dance, theory, composition, and pedagogy. Students will receive valuable performance opportunities that will include, but are not limited to; traveling and performing company repertoire offered annually through auditions.

Nickerson-Rossi Dance (NRD), a professional internationally touring contemporary dance company and a non-profit 501(c)(3). NRD includes a world-renowned educational faculty that provides comprehensive dance education for youth at their Palm Springs Dance Academy. NRD provides outreach programs for the under-served communities of Riverside County and the nation at large with educational, therapeutic, and professional dance programming. NRD presents the Palm Springs International Dance Festival, a platform that encompasses all of its programs, that is a four-day annual event bringing students and art patrons of diverse backgrounds from across the nation together into Palm Springs, California. NRD aims to engage, inspire and ignite the mind, senses, and body by using dance as a language to reach the multicultural community at large.

611 South Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92264