In business at this location since 1975, Gubler Orchids offers tours of our working greenhouses, which allow visitors to learn about orchids and visitors may also purchase plants.

Few people realize that this is a third generation orchid grower and one of the largest growing facilities in southern California. The family business was started in Switzerland in 1918 and brought to the US by Hans Gubler, who made revolutionary advances in the business of growing and selling orchids. In 1981 Chris, joined the business and eventually succeeded his father in 1988, still referring to his mother Esther for advice. Today, the business has over 120,000 square feet of production greenhouses in both Landers and Lucerne Valley, with the six houses in Landers being open to the public. Currently, plants are shipped nationwide with the acception of Florida and Hawaii. Customers run the gamut from large commercial nursery to individual plant purchases. 

2200 Belfield Boulevard
Landers, California 92285