Non-Profit community enhancement organization producing the annual Palm Springs Pride celebration. Founded to promote the public education and public awareness of individual rights and civil liberties of the LGBT community.

Our Team

Palm Springs Pride is governed by a Board of Directors and managed by the Pride Organizing Committee.

The event management and production of Pride-related programs are conducted by the Pride Organizing Committee.  Members of the Pride Committee take on individual responsibility for directing and overseeing the production of Pride programs each year; they are assisted by numerous administrative and event volunteers, contractors, and a few consultants.

Board of Directors and Committee

If you are interested in serving on the Board of Greater Palm Springs Pride, applications are accepted throughout the year, and appointments are generally made in January.

Pride Board members serve as the governing body and the Committee members manage all programs of the organization. They have a responsibility to assist with the fundraising of the organization and they serve as ambassadors in the community.

The board members review board applications in January.  Accepted applicants will serve for a period of one year as associate members (with a voice but without voting privileges). At the end of their associate period, the voting members of the Board will vote on granting the associates full board privileges based on their performance as associate directors.

Click Here for Board of Directors Application & Responsibilities

Officers Greater Palm Springs Pride Board of Directors

  • President & CEO – Ron deHarte
  • Treasurer – Julian King
  • Secretary – Bill Wheeler
  • Director at Large – Paulina Angel
  • Director at Large – Tom Davis

Attorney of Record

Barbara Barrett, Esq. – Law Office of Barbara Barrett

Copyright & Trademark Matters – KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP

Pride Committee

Palm Springs Pride relies on hundreds of volunteers to make our unique festival and parade the success that they are year after year. Pride Committee Directors, Coordinators, and Supervisors are the working group of volunteers that make all the pride events possible.  Palm Springs Pride is committed to involving volunteers across its operations from events to business support. When you volunteer on the Pride Committee you’ll be making not only a difference for the organization but also the wider community for which we serve.

If you are a resident of Palm Springs and are interested in serving on the Pride Committee please send us an email at info (at) and let us know how you would like to serve.

The various Pride committees are led by a team of Directors, Managers, and Coordinators. The leadership team works to ensure the goals and objectives of the committee are fulfilled. Teams are accountable for all aspects of planning and implementation and meeting budget guidelines.

Public Relations, Marketing, Advertising, 

  • Hollenbeck Group, Public Relations
  • Paulina Angel
  • Robert Byhre
  • Mark Duebner
  • Mark Farley
  • Jeff Hocker
  • Jim Hollenbeck
  • Jeff Denean Jones
  • Zaino Mizani
  • Nicholas Snow

Photography Committees

  • Eric Rajunas
  • Grant McMillan
  • Jennifer “Cali” Murcia
  • Lani Garfield
  • Larry Matsui
  • Mike Huete
  • Rand Larson, Drone Photography
  • Rex Hoss
  • Vanessa Dubois

Children’s Headquarters (CHQ)

  • Anne Hewett
  • Marge Hewett
  • Megan Hewett
  • Grant Hewett

Parade Team

  • Pat Bergmann, Parade Director
  • Patrick Baker, Parade Coordinator
  • Jeff Bach, Zone Leader
  • Drew Baker, Zone Leader
  • Rhea Baker, Zone Leader
  • Alan Bowley, Check-in
  • Christopher Campbell, Zone Leader
  • David Diaz, Zone Leader
  • Diane Glassett, VIP Zone
  • Joe Glassett, VIP Zone
  • Kathy Fisher
  • Carl Herman, Check-in
  • Jessica Lindquist, Zone Leader
  • Ken Mau, Check-in
  • Linda Sue Roseffsky
  • Jonny Roy, Check-in
  • Larry Silverness
  • Bob West, Check-in

Event Operations

  • Mitch Battersby, Volunteer Director
  • DeeAnn Hopings, Volunteer Coordinator
  • Love Cortez
  • Eva DeHart
  • Rene Franks
  • Rhonda Fuller
  • Keith Gran
  • Richard Harrigan
  • Wali Hodge
  • Mike Jones
  • Vern Lowe
  • Kathy Morgan
  • Bud Smith, Operations
  • Mary Jane Schovaers, Exhibitor Relations Manager
  • Michelle Solan
  • Raul Rodriguez
  • Kelly Romeo
  • Janel Thompson
  • Daphne Zieder
  • Steve Zieder
  • George Raymond, Sign Coordinator

Entertainment & Stage Operations

  • Daniel Aguilar, Artist Check-in
  • Bella da Ball, Entertainment Coordinator, Pride Stage
  • Nancy Burke, Pride Stage
  • Jan Darlington, Pride Stage
  • Mary Sue Fairbarn, Pride Stage
  • Mark Nelson, Entertainment Director
  • Edie Groesbeck, Pride Stage
  • James Elliott, Entertainment Hospitality Manager
  • Donna Lawton, Pride Stage
  • Mark Maddox, Assistant Stage Manager
  • Frankie Martinez, Stage Manager
  • Benjamin Mendoza, Entertainment Hospitality Assistant
  • Mark Nelson, Entertainment Director
  • Gardenia Partridge, Stage Manager
  • Jonny Roy, Pride Stage
  • Dominique Wulfekuhle, Transportation Coordinator

Sign Language Interpreting

  • Martin Coogan, Coordinator

Production Support

  • Kimberly Alexis
  • Eric Baker
  • Emily Bond
  • Steven Blocker
  • Janae Castro
  • Vanessa Covarubias
  • Shannon Dove
  • Melissa Dove
  • Mario Garcia
  • Cornelius Johnson
  • Mary León
  • Rose León
  • Don Mitchell
  • Jessica Ramirez
  • Eddie Rey
  • Kiavanni Sanders
  • Jaie Shelton-Smith
  • Maddie Shelton-Swann
  • Karen Stone
  • Kerrie Stone, Radio and Golf Cart Coordinator
  • Lance Stone
  • Mazzie VanRoy
  • Jeffrey Wenske
  • Charles Wheeler
  • Steve White

Special Support from Volunteer with Cheli

  • Michele Adair
  • Cynthia Alomia
  • Anthony Avalos
  • Angelo Ayala
  • Kendra Bible
  • Danny Burtch
  • Denice Cordova
  • Brian Crowder
  • Rey DeGarre
  • Jerry DeLair
  • Kelly Gilliland
  • Jordan Grinage
  • Lupi Grinage
  • Joslyn Hartfield
  • Sue Hartman
  • Martha Henderson
  • Horacio Hernandez
  • Michelle LaMarr
  • Rebecca Lee
  • Tammy Lee
  • Elaine Lewis
  • Charlie LiVecchi
  • Tara McQuigan
  • Cheli Mohamed
  • Hailey Molina
  • Cain Molina
  • Jessica Morgan
  • Edysol Price
  • David Reyes
  • James Riggins
  • Jena Rock
  • Haydee Sam
  • Vienna Sam
  • Alison Swanger
  • Brian Thai
  • Tiffany Van Beek
  • Lindsey Williams
  • Teresa Wolfe

What’s available?

Palm Springs Pride has such a broad range of Pride Committee volunteer opportunities available throughout the year.

Contact us at the Pride office if you are interested in serving on the Pride Committee. Please email us at info (at)


191A South Indian Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262