Dick often says that gay culture was born in gay bars, as they provided safe spaces for gay people to gather. Gay culture evolved and thrived in the safe spaces that gay bars offered.
It’s Dick’s mission to create a safe space for the greater gay community and its supporters to celebrate the diversity of the gay community. Dick offers an atmosphere where pretentiousness and judgment are left behind. Join us as we come together to revel and play as a community. Dick believes that bartending is an art form and celebrates the craftsmanship and skill of his bartender friends. Dick’s bartenders take pride in crafting each cocktail with care and serve them with love. Dick’s bartenders are committed to maintaining a safe and enthusiastic place to celebrate your diversity. Dick says, “come one, come all.”
We will offer you a great drink at great value with a smile.

Let Dick’s offer you a dickstraction from your day because, with Dick’s, every day is a good day.


301 E Arenas Rd
Palm Springs, CA 92262