Clandestino Logo

The best English translation we have seen for Clandestino is . . . hidden or kept secret.

We have been fortunate to be given the opportunity to interpret the cuisine of Provence through FARM, to bring the cuisine of Jalisco, Mexico,, to the Palm Springs diner through Tac/Quila, and to provide a variety of smaller offerings paired with great cocktails and wine through the Front Porch.

We believe it is now time to “kick out the walls” and offer a unique Latin American experience to those who wish to dine in, those who wish to take out, and those who wish to enjoy the cuisine at their catered event. Hence, the Clandestino experience!

Just what is the Clandestino experience?

True to its name, Clandestino is off the beaten path – secret if you will. Located on the Paseo behind Johnny Was at 175 North Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 160, it exudes the ethos of Old Palm Springs, itself a clandestine destination.

Palm Springs first drew the attention of the Hollywood crowd in the 1930s, when Hollywood movie stars began to visit. The movie stars were drawn to Palm Springs by their desire for privacy – and because it was allegedly within the radius of permitted travel in their studio contracts. A clandestine experience beckoned adventurers even then.

Clandestino opens up to the foothills of the breathtaking San Jacinto Mountains – you can experience Palm Springs at its best from either our beautiful outdoor dining space or our fully stocked cantina, which opens to the outdoors.

When you enter the cantina, you will understand why we call Clandestino “Tac/Quila’s moody sister.” The dark ceilings, walls, and floor accented by lush, colorful seating areas, our spectacular art collection, and of course, our massive back bar, all work together to create a mood. A mood that is undercover, stealthy, and frankly, moody.

Whether you are enjoying our Latin cuisine, our craft cocktails, or our array of fine liquors in the restaurant, at home, or at your catered event, the experience will be the same – excellent, well-curated food and drink, beautifully presented and delivered with our love.

That is the Clandestino experience. We wish to share it with you.