Dimitri stikes a pose with Congressman Dr. Raul Ruiz.

His Artist's Bio explains, “Dimitri Halkidis is one of the most sought after photographers in Southern California.  Using natural light and surroundings to capture the innocence and essence of a photo, Dimitri’s style, energy and personality make him a favorite among the celebrities. 

Dimitri’s portfolio of work includes: Jack Nicholson, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Hunter, Kiefer Sutherland, George Clooney and Sharon Stone to name a few.

Halkidis has covered countless high profile film premieres and political events, as well as the Sundance Film Festival, MTV “The Real World New York and Miami Beach, the fashion world New York, London, Paris and the Los Angeles Fashion Week. His images have appeared on the cover of The New York Daily News, Us Magazine, People Magazine, Hello Magazine U.K., Australian & Spanish Cosmopolitan, Zoom and American Photographer.”

A Throwback photo of Dimitri's first visit to Palm Springs.

Now a resident of Palm Springs, he has become a prominent member of the community as a gallerist of Gallery 446 and founder and tireless leader of a non-profit anti-bullying organization, Boo2Bullying.

Dimitri and his Boo2Bullying crew.

He also volunteers for Palm Springs High School Art Institute, Desert AIDS Project, Well in the Desert, Desert ARC and The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center, among other organizations.

Dimitri strikes a pose with philanthropist Helene Galen.

Dimitri has also been on exhibit in the ACE 2013 and And 2014 exhibition at the Palm Springs Art Museum.  On February 8th, 2016, The City of Palm Springs presented Dimitri with the well-deserved Human Rights Commission Award for  Community Service.”

Video by Tony Mataras

The City of Palm Springs Human Rights Commission and their 2016 honorees.  Photo by Sean Borg.

Dimitri says, “PS I love you because…” 

  1. You're magical from sundown to sunrise, the moon shines bright and high, the stars seem like you can just reach up, climb on them, and float off to the beautiful midnight blue skies.
  2. Riding my bike in Palm Springs is the most exciting and accelerating part of my morning. Some like hiking. I like biking.  These beautiful trails through the canyons and mountains allow me to engage with true nature – our beautiful backdrop.
  3. Dreams do come true, My first experience in Palm Springs was in 1987 with friends. I was floored bt the beauty of the desert. I remember saying, “I’m going to live here one day.”
  4. I’m blessed and grateful to have my parents finally retire in this gorgeous community.  Sharing this experience with my family is priceless.
  5. I’m an artist and thrive on the dynamic artist playground in which i live. Every time I open my eyes I see new breathtaking visuals that are inspirational & majestic, with vibrant colors all around.

Alexandra Pierce, Dimitri Halkidis and Bianca Rae strike a pose.

Dimitri…thanks for all you do, and for your lovely energy and friendship!  For all of you who come across this column, I am delighted to share more about Boo2Bullying:

A screen shot from the Boo2Bullying.org homepage.

“For generations art has been the driving force in defining our individual and collective culture and shaping our inner and outer perspectives. It is what binds us together and what prompts us to ask questions of ourselves and of others. As artists, we are the key holders to a powerful gift, the ability to challenge and transform the world and inspire a new way of thinking through various art mediums.

We are a collective of artists and visionaries who are dedicated to transforming this generation into a strong and empowered nation. We believe that change occurs when we are educated about who we are and who we can become. Some of us were former bullies who have grown into enlightened human beings, and some of us have been bullied and have found success through our inner strength. This experience allows us to really dig in and share our story with our youth.

BOO2Bullying seeks to eradicate the epidemic of bullying from a special angle. We first target the bully, the child who feels awkward and lashes out at others, by giving them the opportunity to become self-aware and later, accepted. We also focus on the ones who are bullied, and provide resources for empowerment and growth. Next, we promote unity as a bridge toward encouraging peace in our youth. Through our powerful and engaging art series—we create a stunning visual call-to-action to educate and incite change.

BOO2Bullying was created when fashion photographer Dimitri Halkidis gathered with a group of artists and talked about their bullying experiences during the course of their education. Whether an immigrant or an orphan, each had overcome their torment with creative endeavors.

Visit Boo2Bullying.org for more information.


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