Deborah Sutton-Weiss, both professionally and simultaneously as a volunteer, offers dynamic and vibrant leadership while successfully collaborating with others to support and meet the needs of diverse communities.

In fact, she has spent over 15 years in non-profit sectors in areas including Juvenile Justice, Mental Health, Addiction Treatment, and Youth and Family Services.  Her titles have ranged from CEO to Director, and she is a proud Commissioner on the Palm Springs Human Rights Committee as well as the Palm Springs Police Department Outreach Committee, and she serves as the Domestic Violence Chair of the Tribal Alliance.


Deborah says, “PS I love you because…”

  1. …of your small town feel.  Yet we still have some of the best restaurants, galleries and sightseeing in the world!  I have lived in PS since 2012, and I feel lucky to live in a town where people remember my name.  
  2. …You are inclusive of everyone!  I am currently helping with the fundraising for the first Transgender statue that will be the first of its kind downtown PS.   Additionally, I’m working with LD Thompson and David Rothmiller on the opening of the first LGBTQI coeducational group home in the nation.  Our community has been very supportive of this project.
  3. …I love a parade!  We have the best parades here!  I march every year in both the Palm Springs Pride Parade and the Black History Month parade.
  4. …of the fabulous weather.  Our town is so beautiful in the winter.  It’s like living in paradise!

Deborah adds, “I plan to run for city council one day.  My passion is fighting for human rights, and bringing light to obstacles people face.”  She further works to inspire others to step up to the plate as well to help people in need.

She concludes, “Harvey Milk is a huge inspiration for me.  I agree “You’ve got to have hope.”  Palm Springs is filled with hope.  I’m grateful this is my home, a place where hopes and dreams come true.

One dream that came true, she met her Prince Charming:

Deborah at her fairy tale wedding to Richard Weiss.

Deborah, you're fabulous, and such a great ally – and the perfect person to be featured in this column.  Thank you for being a friend, and for your ongoing contributions to the betterment of all!


Nicholas Snow

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