If you’re at all interested in theatre (and I assume you are since you’re reading this), I strongly urge you not to miss the amazing lineup of talent coming to CVREP’s stage every Thursday through Sept. 1, 2022.

To date they have had several wonderful evenings aimed at anyone who enjoys musical theatre.  Last week, the incredibly talented Steve Ross performed songs by Cole Porter and Irving Berlin (with a scattered few others thrown in).  He made every song sound new by putting his own spin on each. Whether tugging at the heart strings or providing many joyous laughs, he made two hours fly by.

Another wonderful evening was provided by Glenn Rosenblum as he, along with his special guest, Broadway vet Teri Ralston, discussed and sang the music of Stephen Sondheim.  Glenn is full of good dishy stories you’ve probably never heard before about the shows and stars on Broadway.  And the good news is that he is coming back for several more evenings.

Ilene Graff

On June 23, 2022 Glenn, along with guest star Ilene Graff (PROMISES, PROMISES, GREASE AND I LOVE MY WIFE) will be talking and singing about Broadway Musicals of the 1970’s.

Karen Morrow

Then on July 7, the topic will be the musicals of the 1960’s with the always awesome Karen Morrow (I HAD A BALL, THE GRASS HARP).  If for some reason you have not experienced Ms. Morrow onstage before, don’t miss this night.  She has a voice that can shake the rafters and a smile that can light up any theatre.

Melissa Erricho

They are also bringing to this summer’s Thursday nights the enormously talented Jason Graae on July 23, 2022 and the beautiful voice of Melissa Errico on June 30, 2022.

Jason Graae

These are just a few of the great Thursday evenings CVREP’s Jimmy Cuomo has planned all summer long.

To get your tickets or to learn more, visit their website: cvrep.org