Welcome back to in-person classes including musical theatre, acting, improvisation and more from October 3 through November 13. All classes are in-person and taught by renowned Broadway, film and television veterans and many of the entertainment world’s most talented coaches and teachers. Read about them here!

Classes are open to students ages 5 through adult and are divided into age appropriate levels 5-7, 8-12, 12-17 and 18+.

Scholarships Available!
Interested in classes but concerned about cost? We have scholarships available for students in need. For more information, contact Douglas Sorenson, Director of Conservatory at dsorenson@cvrep.org

Classes for Fall 2022

An excellent introduction to the world of theater for the imaginative child, this class brings favorite folk tales, stories, and characters to life through music, movement, and constructive play. Children will be introduced to the basics of storytelling and performance while working together on games and exercises that serve as a fun-filled outlet for creativity.

(Ages 8-12)
This introductory class is ​perfect for those wanting to get a sampling of musical theatre but​ who might be intimidated by a large audience. Each class will include acting, improvisation, creative movement, and singing. The final class will have a presentation for parents.

(Ages 8 – 12)
In this class, students will learn the value of teamwork, listening, focusing, and thinking on your feet. Theater games and exercises are utilized to enhance improv skills, awaken new creativity, and make new friends as students learn the basics of performing live.

ACTING TECHNIQUE – Building a Character
(Ages 8-12)
This non-competitive class nurtures creativity and guides students through the basics of character building through sensory work, physical and vocal warm-ups, relaxation and concentration exercises, and improvisation. In addition, students will learn essential acting techniques and industry vocabulary, all while focusing on creating moment-to-moment truthfulness.

CREATE TOGETHER – Advanced Improvisation (Ages 13-17)
Students will explore advanced improv techniques to create a show from scratch – plot, characters, costumes, props – everything is decided on by the students! The focus will be on building collaborative skills and creating a performance that excites everyone.

TEEN ACTING WORKSHOP – Advanced Techniques (Ages 13 – 17)
Each student will work on monologues to practice these techniques while growing their “actor vocabulary.” Students will use self-exploration to expand their performance ranges and take on more challenging roles confidently. Appropriate audition monologue selections will be stressed.

ADVANCED MUSICAL THEATRE – The Audition (Ages 13 – 17)
Students will build on their foundation by ​further explor​ing​ how to connect vocally, emotionally, and physically to their songs by​ ​creating a ​”toolbox” ​ in the craft of musical theatre performing with physical warmups, vocal exercises, and personalized coaching. Thirty-two bar selections of appropriate material for auditions will be stressed.

VOCAL TECHNIQUE – The Joy of Singing (16+)
Whether you simply love to sing in the car or in the shower, at Karaoke or in a chorus – this is the perfect class to find the power in your voice. A range of vocal exercises and songs will be used as learning tools. Students will learn vocal techniques that will expand their range and expression, develop new performance abilities, and become confident vocal performers.

CREATE TOGETHER – Adult Improvisation (18+)
Students will explore advanced improvisation techniques to create a show from scratch – plot, characters, costumes, props – everything! The focus will be on building collaborative skills and creating a performance that excites everyone. Advanced improvisation techniques and exercises will be practiced, helping the actor to make bold choices that support a collaborative. This is THE class to take if you’ve ever wanted to learn improv.

Whether taking your first acting class, looking to polish your presentation skills or seeking more comfort in front of an audience – this class is for you! This class creates a fun and safe environment for you to explore your creativity by working to develop basic acting and communication skills that can be used in any area of life. Foundations will be built on monologues and scene work.

This class is for experienced musical theatre performers. The student will work on a two-song showcase of advanced Broadway material. Advanced techniques will further enhance the performer’s skill in all aspects of musical theatre performance, including song selection, lyric interpretation, and stage presence.

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