An Ordinary Couple is a romantic and uplifting documentary following two extraordinary men, Orin Kennedy and Bernardo Puccio, on an unexpected journey from their funeral to their wedding. Yes, in that order. Their story is not distinctive in that it involves two men. Rather, it is extraordinary because their relationship has flourished for 40 years, that both men escaped the AIDS epidemic, and that they continue to make their relationship normal in the face of discrimination, opposition and misunderstanding. Intertwining themes of love, marriage, and politics, the film delivers humor, political commentary, the occasional touch of drama, and a deeply personal look at Kennedy and Puccio's dedication to one another.

Cinema Diverse first screened An Ordinary Couple in 2011. Since that time, much has changed in the world, and with the film. An Ordinary Couple has been recut to include an added epilogue that follows marriage equality in the United States, and the years that followed the Prop 8 decision that took away the right of same-gender couples to marry in California. Bernardo and Orin recently entered their 40th year as partners and 7th year as a married couple.
We celebrate with Bernardo and Orin five years after An Ordinary Couple premiered at Outfest, winning Best Documentary and/or Audience Choice Awards at Birmingham SHOUT/Sidewalk Film Festival and the Fort.Lauderdale International Film Festival. An Ordinary Couple was also a special selection of the Austin Film Festival and Newfest in Manhattan. If you saw this amazing documentary, don’t miss the opportunity to see it again, and if you’ve never seen it before, take advantage of this unique opportunity to see the film AND support Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs LGBTQ Film Festival.

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