“Across the nation, HIV cases have decreased in white men, but they have increased in Latino men.
In the Coachella Valley, DAP Health also has seen the number of HIV cases in Latino men under the age of 40 increase, says C.J. Tobe, Director of Community Health and Sexual Wellness Services at DAP Health.
Locally, since 2019, about 25% of new HIV cases have been Latino men under the age of 40, according to DAP Health data.
In light of Palm Springs’ demographics, the fact that a quarter of new HIV cases are Latino men under the age of 40 is a lot, Tobe says.
Tobe says those numbers also result from DAP Health’s work of engaging that community and ensuring they have access to education and testing specifically the new HIV self testing program where over 30% of self testers have been latino men…”

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