All summer long, AAP – Food Samaritans continues to provide crucial nutritional support to Coachella Valley residents who are low-income and compromised by HIV/AIDS or other chronic illnesses. In other words, we are helping to feed the people who need it the most.
During the summer months our charitable contributions drop significantly, presenting a major challenge. Despite the decrease in donations, AAP never reduces our support – every eligible client receives his/her $100 grocery voucher each month without interruption.
That’s why we are sending this urgent plea to you to see if you can find it in your hearts to help us now.
We have been approached by an AAP-Food Samaritans donor who has issued the following funding challenge: The first 10 Angel donations in the amount of $2,500 (or more) now through September 1 will be fully matched (to a maximum of $25,000). That means your contribution can be doubled to $5,000 or more!  If you are one of our appreciated and loyal Angels who had planned on renewing your 2017-2018 Angel donation, now is a great time to do so if you can. Call us now at 760-325-8481 or click here.
I, along with the board of directors of AAP – Food Samaritans, am committed to our cause, but we can’t do it all without the support of the community – people like you. Now more than ever, your support is crucial.
Your contribution makes a difference to those in need, and is even more critical during these warmer months. Please call me anytime if you would like to donate or participate in the work we do at AAP – Food Samaritans.  Now more than ever, your support is crucial.