In the last couple of years I came up with the idea of consistently approaching people within the community and asking them to complete the following statement five times:  “PS I love you because…”  (PS, referring to Greater Palm Springs and the entire Coachella Valley, of course).  Along with the answers, I include interesting biographies as well.  Here's is the fascinating Part II of my “Best of” series (the link to Part I is at the bottom of this page).


Nicholas Snow

Vertarias Black – Renaissance Man

Photo by Eric Lanuit

…of the amazing diverse group of people and personalities who live and visit here.  I'm very fortunate to have met some very special people that I cherish, including designers, artists, photographers and my Sunny Dunes family.

Marie Elloso – Visual artist, Entrepreneur, Former Promoter

…of The Dinah Shore Weekend. The largest five-day weekend lesbian party music festival in the world and it only happens here, in Palm Springs. As a goer for many years, I have always enjoyed the atmosphere of all the events and being surrounded by talented women. The pool parties are my favorite, it is the definitely the most fun experience.

James Gypsy Haake – Legendary Entertainer

Photo courtesy of the performer.

…after 50 years of entertainment bliss, life continues, and who could want a better place to spend any day 

Mariah Hanson – Founder and Producer of Club Skirts Dinah Shore Weekend

…of our PS Convention Center and The Hilton.  The Convention Center's redesign lifted our convention status to the best of the best with those beautiful rock columns and curving design of compact rock boulders.   It's the coolest place I have ever thrown a party.   The Hilton is the perfect hotel to host The Dinah pool parties. Every year they greet our guests with a warm welcome and genuine excitement. The staff looks forward to The Dinah as much as we do and it makes a huge difference with our guest experience.

Arielle White – Adjunct Professor

The friends I’ve made here that I know I could not have made anywhere else. I alluded to it before, but I’m truly grateful for the amazing group of queer women in my life. Given how “small” the desert can be, many of us grew up together or later found we had mutual friends. Over the years though, as young adults, we’ve been able to share the experiences of coming out, going to Toucan’s every Friday and Saturday to dance, loving and losing, navigating jobs and careers, and growth. These women know sides of me nobody else ever will, and as individuals, they are brilliant—inspiring, supportive, compassionate, intelligent, innovative, motivated, and full of love. So thank you, Palm Springs, for bringing them into my life.

Clifton Tatum – Leatherman / Philanthropist

You value me as a 57 year-old African-American gay Leather man; and healthy living, exercise and vitality is the norm among the mature population.

Jeffrey Sanker – Founder, White Party Entertainment, Inc.

There is no resort destination in America more welcoming to the LGBT community than the City of Palm Springs, which is why the White Party has grown year after year and also why so many of our guests have made the city their home – for business and retirement and year-round fun for a whole new generation of WPPS fans!

Brett Klein – Events & Retail Marketing Manager – Desert AIDS Project

…of your Sustainability consciousness!… I feel that home is where your charity efforts start, and the Palm Springs is a leading force in the valley for all things sustainability focused.  From water, waste and energy conservation, to safer biking, hiking and walking, were doing it right and setting the path for others to follow.  Add in the Mayor’s annual Healthy Planet, Healthy You event, plus the nighttime Cycledelic family bike ride on April 30th, and the City has two of the most healthy and active events on the desert calendar each year.

Nina Grace Ruedas – Marriage & Family Therapist specializing in sex therapy

…you don’t have LA traffic.  I may complain about the snowbirds from time to time, but I’ll take them any day over LA traffic.

Ethylina Canne – Rising Drag Superstar

The stars really do come out at night in Palm Springs. I have been able to see Liza Minnelli, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Charo, Joan Rivers, Carol Channing, Lilly Tomlin,  and Sheila E…just to name a few, in MY OWN BACK YARD!!!  How wonderful is that?  It’s a drag queen's dream I tell you!

Jazmyn Simone-Echelon – Queen of the Desert

The people are always so nice and embrace the LGBT community with such kindness and support.  Personally I feel the people who live here are happier than most people I know – they are so happy that you can’t help but be transformed by it yourself.  Jazmyn says, “Forget what you think you know about Palm Springs and just come experience it for yourself!”

Leon Arthur Garcia – Living His Truth

…because you’re hot and sexy.  I love the heat, and going to eat ice cream and frozen yogurt because of it.

Eric Casaccio – Filmmaker

You have some of the best cultural events!  As a filmmaker, I’ve attended both The Palm Springs International Short Film Festival and Cinema Diverse: The Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. Their event organizers accommodate a fantastic time programming memorable movies with fun after parties in gorgeous venues. Also, the Thursday night art walk is a great time filled with irresistible decorations for anyone’s home.

Michael Phillis – Writer, Director, Performer, Teacher

The kids are all right. One of my favorite moments during my brief stay was a filmmaking talk I gave at the local high school. I got to meet a group of aspiring young filmmakers and chat with them about the art and challenge of visual storytelling– just in time to help them with their class project, a collaborative short film they created from the ground up. Big thanks to Nikki Gordon and the Palm Springs Film Society for creating this program and putting filmmakers and students together to learn from each other. These talented young adults inspired me and made me appreciate the power of creativity and collaboration.

Reverend Clinton Crawshaw – Permanent Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Church of the Coachella Valley

We can all be pretty much who we are, what we are, and pursue our dreams, passions and destinies here. Tolerance is a poor substitute for acceptance, and here we have even more than that. For the LGBT communities that live in Palm Springs this place is often the fulfillment of a dream and the end of a journey. I love Palm Springs for its oddness and for its broadness, its permissiveness and its occasional wildness!  ‘I lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help…’ Psalm 121 is of great comfort and inspiration to me, and here it is made vivid in the magnificent backdrop of Mt San Jacinto.

Jorge Ameer – Film Professional

Palms Springs has always felt to me like the regression to a cinematic time capsule.  A time where everything is so much simpler and you are surrounded by a great dessert view all around.  As a matter of fact, I'm planning to come back to PS to shoot my next film. OASIS, about two friends who go on a journey to the dessert to find themselves after one gets married.  There are some past wounds that threaten to tear their friendship apart, so one decides to take the other on a trip in an attempt to resolve their issues. 

Kenny Jervis – Philanthropist / Businessman

Kenny and his partner Michael Crisp in a photo ripped from Michael's Facebook page. 

You're a global sensation.  I love that, as we travel the world, people are constantly telling us, “I aspire to have a house in Palm Springs, California, one day!”

Atma Wiseman – Interior Designer / Fitness Consultant

Your commitment to a higher aesthetic. We are setting this bar very high and have become an international mecca for modern design.

Chad Hilligus – Singer / Creative Arts Management

Chad Hilligus. Photo by David A. Lee Photography.

…of your GLAMOUR.  Swimmin’ pools.  Movie stars.  There’s a uniquely glamorous vibe to Palm Springs that I find intoxicating.  It’s an escape for the rich and famous, but for the lucky locals, it’s our everyday.  You can’t throw a rock without hitting a fabulous pool party filled with fabulous people sipping fabulous cocktails.  

Darrell L. Tucci – Chief Development Officer at Desert AIDS Project

·…of the community that inhabits you.  Old or young. Rich, poor or middle class. Black, white or brown. LGBT or straight. Male, female or transgender.  The people who live here, the way they roll up their sleeves to contribute to this city’s well-being, the way they bring the diversity of their experiences to enrich our culture.  We may not all always agree with each other but people of Palm Springs are pretty special!

Ron Celona – Producing Artistic Director of the Coachella Valley Repertory (CVRep)

Ron Celena (above center) strikes a pose with Lucie Arnaz and her husband, Larry Luckinbill.

Your creative and passionate people. I am always meeting new and creative people that are attracted to our valley. Whether at a friends home, charity function or just out and about, I end up meeting people who have come here to express themselves in their own special way. Whether they are artists, merchants, medical professionals, restaurateurs, contractors, designers, retired individuals or volunteers. They find creative ways to make a difference in our community.

Sasha Scarlett – Emmy-nominated performer

…you’ve welcomed my gyspy soul home after years on the road, and it's great to be here.

Carolyn Caldwell – Chief Executive Officer of Desert Regional Medical Center

As photographed with President Bill Clinton at Desert AIDS Project

The diversity of Palm Springs is like no other place I have ever lived. Because of that diversity and acceptance of others regardless of race, color, gender or sexual orientation, Palm Springs is truly a place where people from all backgrounds can come together for the betterment of the entire community.

Deborah Sutton-Weiss, Businesswoman / Activist / Volunteer

I love a parade!  We have the best parades here!  I march every year in both the Palm Springs Pride Parade and the Black History Month parade.

Kate Ullman – Improv Teacher / Actor / Philanthropist

I am living in the palm of God, nurturing mind, body and Spirit.

Jason Stuart – Actor / Comedian

Jason with his proud mother, Gloria Laskey, a Coachella Valley resident.

I get to see my mother complain that I'm not eating enough… And sit at her house as she asks me why I have to leave so soon. 

Tiffany Kane – Events and Entertainment Director for Chill Bar

You haven't been overrun by major corporations. San Francisco was overrun by the technology sector, and now studio apartments rent for $3,000 a month. I am happy that Palm Springs caters to small business owners and unique boutiques and shops, making Palm Springs a charming, quaint and comfortable to live.

Arlene Rosenthal – Tailor / Philanthropist

Arlene Rosenthal (center)

Despite your wrongs of the past (which you are now working on correcting), I love that you have it in your heart to want to make things better for all people.

Richard Limon – Certified Massage Therapist

You give me room to breathe. Rarely do I have to fight crowds or search for ample parking. Without those constant frustrations I have time to relax, worry less, and give more energy to things that matter to me.

Kim Kieler – Programs Manger, The LGBT Community Center of The Desert

You are the first place I have lived where I wasn't always wanting to be someplace else.

David Farnsworth – Visual Artist / Manager, Streetbar

Coyotes singing before a night rain.

Zane Rhys – Visual Artist / Illustrator

…of the early morning, when the only sound outside our window are the birds greeting a new day, at dusk when the bats dart frantically across the sky chasing insects and finally late evening when the coyotes sing their wild and playful songs across the desert landscape.

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Nicholas Snow

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