The Sisters are your neighbors and your friends. We come from a variety of histories. We all have unique lives and we have exquisite dreams for the future and for our communities. We strive to support all of our community – regardless of race or religion or sexual identity or many other varieties of life. The Sisters of Palm Springs are a powerful ally for our local community, supporting a number of other organizations and groups in our area that provide for our neighbors and others, including out local AIDS organizations, LGBT support groups and even local animal life concerns. We donate yearly via grants (please see our grants pages for more information) as well as host food drives, toy drives and other charity functions to provide for, again, our local community. We work to provide as aid and assistance to many organizations. The Sisters go where we’re needed. If you’d like The Sisters at your next event, please visit our EVENT REQUEST page and submit a request. Be as specific as possible to give us the goods on your event. We will work with you and support you as best we can in your endeavors.The decision to become a Sister is a fantastic journey and the efforts made come back again and again as a reward for the soul. By manifesting as a Sister or Guard, we receive as much as or even more than we give, and discover parts of ourselves that we did not know existed or, perhaps, never recognized. The calling to be a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence allows one to know themselves better and find an outlet to express behavior and emotions that were shut down for fear of being different or criticized.


1301 North Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 92262