A state of the art  Self Service Dog Wash and Full Service Grooming facility designed to be as stress free as possible when bathing or grooming your dog. A Shampoo dispensing system integrated with the water system to make it easy for bathing and providing the comfortable  experience you would want for you and your dog.

Everything is included with a self service dog wash,.. Shampoo, towels, conditioner, brushes and combs, cotton balls and ear wash and professional dryer. The clean up is left for us to do, adding more time to your day, with a very clean and beautiful dog at your side!!

Add on services for nails, glands, ears are available from the groomers. Bath and tidy services  in between grooming are performed by the groomer, A complete Furminator program designed to reduce the shedding by as much as 70% when following the Furminator program which includes special Furminator Shampoo and Furminator conditioner. These Furminator which loosen hair that is in the undercoat and then the Furminator tool will reach that loosened hair and remove it. What is left is shedding of hair that normally comes out and not the additional hair that builds up and you see even right after a bath.

Furminator regimen is not done with a bath as it can be a serious irritant to the dogs skin when combined. Speak with one of our groomers for more details.

In a rush and need us to bathe your dog?  No problem, speak with one our the assistants for pricing as there are factors that determine pricing including,weight, condition of the coat, age of the dog, and so forth.

Parking your pet with us is available for those times when your pet is with you in the car and you need to stop at Trader Joes or any one of the local businesses. Now there is an alternative to driving home to drop off the dog and drive back. This service is also available when you would like to take your pet with you but can’t leave them in the car while shopping.

67750 East Palm Canyon Drive
Cathedral City, California 92234