Call us from home for our professional Design Consultation Services
from the friendly experts at Paper Doll Interiors.

Virtual In-Home Consultation
Chances are you’ve has a lot of time lately to study the quality of your home’s interior decor – and chances are you’ve wondered how you might make some updates or other changes to improve the look.

We have the perfect solution! Our experience Design Consultants are standing by and ready to hear what you’re interested in accomplishing. Whether it’s Wallpaper Window Treatments, Accessories, Fabrics or Furniture, we are ready to consult with you and deliver oodles of samples to your door to examine at you leisure.

We assure all items will arrive thoroughly sanitized to CDC specifications.

Of course you are under no obligation to buy, nor will our consultants pressure you to purchase any products or services. You may be asked to take measurements so they can quote accurate prices.

The next step is up to you!

Take a room-by-room tour thorough your home and imagine how it might look with experienced professional design guidance. Then give us a call to see how easily this works. We’re here with lots of ideas – and we’re ready to take the adventure with you.

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Monday to Saturday 10AM to 5PM

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