California Behavioral Health is a renowned treatment center providing proven addiction therapy approaches to make your treatment process as comprehensive as possible. We have a unique and innovative approach to caring for our residents as we believe that with the correct support and aftercare, we can help every individual overcome their addiction.

Our experience shows that recovery is not a “One size fits all” process. While 12-step programs work for some, they do not work for everyone and often we find that people will go as far as they can in a 12-step program, but they are still not well or fully in recovery. Very often they will find themselves in the cycle of relapse or sometimes, they simply reach the point where they need to go to the next level to achieve true sobriety.

Being a Non 12-step addiction treatment center does not mean we are anti 12-step. On the contrary, we endorse whatever support system will help a person to recover and then stay recovered. Support groups provide community and fellowship. We help our clients to find the ongoing support that will best suit their needs. The 12-step program is based on the belief that a person cannot recover from an addiction, codependency or other co-occurring disorders, while we believe that they can.

The distinction here is that the 12 steps are based on powerlessness over a person, place or thing which creates fear of taking the first drink/drug. Fear may be a motivator in early recovery, but it often proves to be ineffective in the long term. Fear and powerlessness are limiting and constricted alienating mental states, and neuroscience supports that prolonged fear and stress hinder recovery and limit human potential. Also, wording contained within the 12 Steps refers to God, and this can be alienating for individuals who are secular, or whose sense of faith has been weakened.

We use Master Level Clinicians as opposed to councilors.

Our program is individualized to the resident. A specialized custom-tailored treatment plan is given to every resident and guided by the assigned Master level Clinician.

We truly empower our residents

We treat the WHOLE PERSON as we know “one size” does NOT fit all. Residents are treated with respect and dignity and we always try to give them the best opportunity to achieve their goal of long-term recovery. Every person’s journey to recovery is unique. That’s why we offer individualized treatment in a safe and medically monitored environment.

Our therapies are the core and foundation to long term recovery!

Our program is what makes us different and sets us apart from other programs. We believe that the different therapies we use are the foundation for success and long-term recovery. We expect and encourage our residents to take the lead on their recovery with Cognitive Behavioral Therapies, Motivational Interviewing, Dialectal Behavioral Therapies, and other experiential therapies, and mindfulness.

Private bedroom
Swimming pool
Table tennis
Resident computers

Weekday activities:
12 step meetings (optional),
Celebrate Recovery Meetings (optional),
Refuge Recovery Meetings (optional)
SMART Recovery Meetings (optional)
Gym (3-5 days during the week),
Hiking (weather permitting)
Yoga (Tuesdays and Thursdays)
Escape Room
Bowling (vary from week to week),
Shopping (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays)

Weekend activities:
These are different each weekend:
The Pool
Miniature golf
games arcade
Movie day
Church (optional on Sundays)
Therapeutic outings on Sundays which will incorporate the environment of Southern California.

37066 Bankside Drive
Cathedral City, California 92234