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Dr. Jim Cox Chiropractor
Dr. Jim Cox Chiropractor
650 East Tahquitz Canyon Way Suite 2 , Palm Springs, California 92262, United States

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Dr. Jim Cox.  Individualized care with no rush and no wait, treating patients of all ages through a variety of therapies. Chiropractic is not always about the adjustment; and the adjustment doesn’t always have to be the traditional “pop and crack” to which so many are accustomed and may not prefer. While traditional, hands-on manipulation is the foundation from which Dr. Cox practices, you may experience various other methods, such as Activator, blocking, mobilization and soft tissue, electric stimulation and ultrasound. Dr. Cox splits his time between treating patients at his private practice and at Desert AIDS Project (DAP) in Palm Springs. Schedule your appointment, conveniently, on line, via his website.

Dr. Cox accepts Medicare. All other patients will be charged at the time of service, and a superbill will be provided for reimbursement, should there be chiropractic coverage. Visits are $60. Treatment time is a minimum of 20-30 minutes.

Dr. Jim Cox Chiropractor

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