“Editor’s Note: Stan Zimmerman appears May 27 at Oscar’s Café in Palm Springs. The show is sold out. He will appear again at Oscar’s June 24 from 7-9:30 p.m. to reminisce about writing for The Golden Girls among other sit-coms. For tickets, click HERE.
You would hardly call New York City a go-nowhere town. But for the comedy writing team of Stan Zimmerman and Jim Berg, they needed to exit Gotham in hopes of landing their dream job.
Zimmerman was a struggling actor working in theater and casting, but it wasn’t paying the bills or fulfilling his aspirations. “I became so tired of being poor in New York,” Zimmerman says. “I always dreamed of working on a sitcom and living in Los Angeles. Finally, I told Jim, ‘I can’t stand being poor here anymore, we need to move to LA if we’re really going to take off.’”

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