“Ever wonder what Coachella is really like for ‘mere mortals?’ A woman has gone viral online after she documented the reality of attending the music festival when you’re not ‘a celebrity or an influencer’ – and it may not be what you expected.

The woman, named Jax, was at both weekends of Coachella this year – which took place on April 15-17 and April 24-26 and saw performers like Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, and The Weeknd take the stage – and she has attended the event five other times in the past.

Each year, a slew of influencers and famous faces flock to the dessert of California to attend the sought-after event.

And while most of them make it look like a luxurious and extravagant affair – often posting videos and photos to their social media accounts from lavish hotel rooms or stunning mansions that they rented out for the weekend, and sharing clips of themselves dancing, singing, and having the times of their lives – Jax has revealed that it’s not always that glamorous…”

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