“Of all the desert modernists, William F. Cody (1916–1978) is probably the one whose accomplishments most exceed his personal fame. Primarily known as a Palm Springs architect, he completed dozens of projects in Los Angeles, San Diego, and the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Arizona, Colorado, Texas, and abroad, distinguishing himself through an exceptionally wide palette of materials and approaches. During any given year, he was likely to be working on projects of widely divergent functions and styles. For example, in 1955, he was mapping out the angular, wood-and-stone Springs restaurant in Palm Springs as well as a rectilinear reinforced-concrete office building for Havana; in 1958, he was designing the serenely refined Eldorado Country Club in Indian Wells while also working on the slickly commercial Hi Fidelity Unlimited store in Menlo Park…”

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