“For Mayor Max, serving a lifetime appointment as the leader of Idyllwild is a full-time job. “The mayor’s out in the public every day and on weekends,” says his chief of staff, Phyllis Mueller. “We just do kind and loving things for people. But we do it all day long.”

That’s a lot of work for a 9-year-old golden retriever. Yes, the official mayor of the quirky mountain community of Idyllwild — nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains towering over Palm Springs — is a dog, the perfect mascot for an unincorporated town that prides itself on creativity and community. “We don’t have local politicians except for Mayor Max,” Mueller says. “If we need something done, we create a group and get it done.”

This creative, community spirit is increasingly drawing folks in the entertainment business who are looking for a rural retreat or a fresh start. Maureen Jones of Lily Rock Realty, who has lived in Idyllwild for 57 years, has seen the pandemic accelerate the area’s popularity. “We have seen an incredible increase from Los Angeles as well as other communities since COVID. Many of our buyers are looking to make Idyllwild their primary home,” she says…”

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