“Oh, how we rolled our eyes when we first learned what a podcast is.

“Isn’t radio gone” I said to Seby, in between flicking through TV channels as we couldn’t decide what to watch.
“Who even has an attention span anymore?” he replied, scrolling through TikTok…

But there is something about podcasts that makes them so addictive – and when you make those podcasts gay… well, even better. You can find podcasts about anything, be it travel, sports, finance, or business. Or you can find ones about dating, love, “Shaking Sheets” and music – our kinds of podcast!

There’s nothing better than popping on an episode of a beloved podcast to fill in the time and feel a little less alone. And trust us when we say that the hosts of a podcast begin to feel like a best friend the more you listen to them. You’ll even feel a little tug at your heart when they say their goodbyes at the end of each episode and leave you hanging until the next episode…

Here are some of our favorite gay podcasts that we love listening to and think you should check out now…”

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