“I attended the opening of The Real Black Swann: Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen, at the Davidson/Valentini Theater at the LGBT’s center’s Lily Tomlin/ Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center in Los Angeles. Written and performed by Lez Kurkendaal- Barett, directed by Tom Trudgeon, with cultural consultation by Brittney S. Wheeler. Produced by Zachary Davidson (He/Him) & Nathanial Mathis (He/Him) Associate producer is Parnelle Damone Marcano (He/Him)

While under anesthetic delirium, a Black gay artist “Les” is visited by the flamboyant ghost of William Dorsey Swann, Aka the black Swann aka “The queen” After surviving the antebellum enslavement Swann rises from racial oppression to become the first Queen of drag and gay activist on record…”

Real Black Swann

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