“When many people think of a pride celebration, one of two things comes to mind: a parade, or a bacchanal of dancing, partying and reveling in the joy of being alive in a community that accepts you for who you are.

But what if a more cerebral celebration is your happy place?

To that end, the Palm Springs Public Library is presenting the first Pride on the Page Book Festival. Organized by Julie Warren, the library’s public services manager, and Corey Roskin, a literary event planner who recently relocated to Palm Springs, the festival will feature more than 40 LGBTQ+ authors participating in a free panel series celebrating works of LGBTQ+ literature, on Friday and Saturday, Nov. 4 and 5, at the Plaza Theatre in downtown Palm Springs. (The panels were originally slated to be held at the Welwood Murray Memorial Library, but were moved due to anticipated demand.)…”

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